Wednesday, August 4, 2010

mobil ave (intro)

. . . it's worth recalling that the Greek word psyche meant both soul and butterfly, and that the character Psyche travels down into the Land of the Dead to prove herself worthy of Love. ~Rachel Pollack

"Happy families are all alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way."
~Leo Tolstoy: Anna Karenina

Mal: "You're waiting for a train; a train that will take you far away. You know where you hope this train will take you, but you can't be sure. But it doesn't matter - because we'll be together."

Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat, 1895

a powered rail vehicle used for pulling trains
of, relating to, or effecting locomotion
archaic (of a machine, vehicle, or animal) having the power of progressive motion

ORIGIN early 17th cent.(as an adjective): from modern Latin locomotivus, from Latin loco (ablative of locus ‘place’ ) + late Latin motivus ‘motive,’ suggested by medieval Latin in loco moveri ‘move by change of position.’
adjective informal
ORIGIN late 19th cent.: from Spanish, ‘insane.’

1 a reason for doing something, esp. one that is hidden or not obvious
2 (in art, literature, or music) a motif
adjective [ attrib. ]
1 producing physical or mechanical motion
2 causing or being the reason for something
There is an urban myth that when the Lumiére brothers premiered one of their earliest films, The Train Arriving, 1895, the crowd rushed out of the theater--you see, the film was nothing more than a train arriving, but the story was, that those watching this new dream-like technology feared for their lives, expecting this oncoming train to overtake them. . .

I'm being overtaken by this symbol as well. Yet, recall "The Beginning Of Something Big"

I got something coming, and I really wanted to add to this today, but my train didn't arrive. I might need some help getting out of this limbo, out of this belly of the whale . . .

someone get me a train. . .

. . . I'm beginning to make sense of the pattern,
to see an exit from the Labyrinth, to understand the Corn Maze,
(that or I've gone crazy in a lighthouse)

Inception is describing something to me, that much is sure, but what, I don't know. [I think I do today.] There are a lot of sync elements in this film bringing together many strands of thread that I've looked at in the past. The film is presenting these strands together though, perhaps--no definitely--as one piece of thread, but knotted so tightly that to finally see the rainbow connections, one must realize the unity of the previously perceived separate strands while demystifying the paradoxes and untying the knots. That task complete, I believe we can then follow this one thread, Ariadne's gift to us out, of the labyrinth. . . maybe.

Easy right?

Of course, that fucking train . . .

. . . such a potent symbol too. Like the very internet itself, uniting and dividing--an unbroken line of connections, forming patterns, and relationships, but destroying something else in the process too.

Before I get to the sync knots, I want to mention the butterfly I invoked at the beginning. On the final night of The Tier, the fatal 4, became The Furious 5 by way of a ceremony at Strange Eye's place (lovely chap!).

Of course I was wearing my ridiculous blue, 1970's western JackET. During my blessing, Jim sang a beautiful Icaro about a blue butterfly. At that moment I knew that this was my icaro, that he wrote it for me and for this moment. (And that was true for that moment.) It was a very moving evening. Jim literally transformed into my uncle, my father's older brother, and I naturally became my father. In that moment, Jim and I truly were brothers.

Jim's ceremonial gear in the late 50's

Jim on drums, me clowning on the uke.

sync walk 7/27

(more soon!)


Abe's Axe is a symbol. Like the firey wand of Hermes, it is the conduit for bringing into action manifestations from the creative imagination. He is not killing vampires so much as freeing living dead men. The great emancipator would like to bring you into the 4th dimension of consciousness. He is going to have to kill you to do this, though. Or, actually, just annihilate your ego to transport you. In this instance, his axe is the craft. A craft is both a transport and a skill. The magician's wand is both. A pen can be mightier than the sword. What's your craft? Use your symbol well. . .

Heal The King!

Heal The King!