Thursday, April 30, 2009

treasure map


  • Watchmen-Allan Moore
  • About Grace-Anthony Doerr
  • Discovering The Mind-Walter Kaufmann
  • I Am A Strange Loop-Douglas Hofstadter
  • Paradise Lost-Milton
  • The Book of Dead Philosophers-Simon Critchley
  • The Mirror in the Well-Micheline Aharonian
  • Radiant Days-Michael Fitzgerald
  • The Mythic Image-Joseph Campbell
  • The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint-Brady Udall
  • Healing the Fisher King-Shelly Durrell
  • The Bell Jar-Slyvia Plath
  • Perotin-Hilliard Ensemble
  • Gossip In The Grain-Ray LaMontagne
  • Mysteria-Chanticleer
  • Oohs and Aahs-Say Hi
  • Noble Beast-Andrew Bird
  • Elvis Perkins in Dearland
  • The Fountain
  • Get Behind Me Satan-The White Stripes
  • The Life Aquatic
  • Matrix Revolutions
  • The Black Hole
  • V for Vendetta
  • Speed Racer
  • Chicago
  • Groundhog Day
  • Say Hi/Telekeneisis!
  • The Thermals/Shaky Hands/Point Juncture WA
  • Alexander McCall Smith
  • Alexis Rockman

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Abe's Axe is a symbol. Like the firey wand of Hermes, it is the conduit for bringing into action manifestations from the creative imagination. He is not killing vampires so much as freeing living dead men. The great emancipator would like to bring you into the 4th dimension of consciousness. He is going to have to kill you to do this, though. Or, actually, just annihilate your ego to transport you. In this instance, his axe is the craft. A craft is both a transport and a skill. The magician's wand is both. A pen can be mightier than the sword. What's your craft? Use your symbol well. . .

Heal The King!

Heal The King!