Sunday, October 11, 2009

U Ma?

My wife is sick this weekend and it's been movies ahoy.
The syncs are interesting though:
Here are the things watched this weekend and the syncs:

My Best Friend's Girl
Little Buddha
Pulp Fiction
Lilo & Stitch

Bridget Fonda (connects w/ Seattle ("The Emerald City"))
John Trvolta
Ving Rhames

-and what do I want to watch next?
Even Cowgirls Get The Blues

-Keanu as Mowhawk Indian w/ Uma
(Mia Wallace connects to Lizzy Caplan somehow).

Sleepless In Seattle

This Boy's Life

Angel Heart

-I've got a post. I should do it. It has been so long.
-Maybe I should do a Toure/Shaman sized dissertation, eh? It is there, I just need to make the time. (I wish I had the time to read Samuel Johnson's Rasselas. That's what I wan to do.)

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Heal The King!