Thursday, January 21, 2010

Vishuddha (Thorsday)


Once the great mystery-sound has been heard, the whole desire of the heart will be to learn to know it more fully, to hear it, not through things and within during certain fortunate moments only, but immediately and forever. And the attainment of this end will be the project of the next chakra, the fifth, which is at the level of larynx and is called Vishuddha, "Purified." "When the Kundalini reaches this plane," said Ramakrishna, "the devotee longs to talk and to hear only of God."

The lotus has sixteen petals of a smoky purple hue, on each of which is engraved one of the sixteen Sanskrit vowels. In the middle of its pure white central triangle is a white disk, the full moon, wherein the syllable ham, of the element space of ether, rests on the back of a pure white elephant. The patron of this center is Shiva in his hermaproditic form know as Ardhanareshvara, "Half-Woman Lord," five-faced, clothed in a tiger's skin, and with ten radiant arms. One hand makes a "fear-dispelling" gesture and the rest are exhibiting his trident, battle-ax, sword, and thunderbolt, a fire, a snake-ring, a bell, a goad, and a noose, while beside him his goddess, here called Sakini, holds in her own four hands a bow, an arrow, a noose, and a goad. "This region," we are told in a Tantric text, "is the gateway of the Great Liberation." It is the place variously respresented in the myths and legends of the world as a threshold where the frightening Gate Guardians stand, the Sirens sing, the Clashing Rocks come together, and a ferry sets forth to the Land of No Return, the Land Below Waves, the Land of Eternal Yourth. However, as told in the Katha Upanishad: "It is the sharpened edge of a razor, hard to traverse." ~The Mythic Image Joseph Campbell

Shiva Ardhanari, "Half-Woman Lord."

I need to break in here and point out how special and exiting this post is for me. For a quick recap of what I've been doing, I've begun making an association built upon our primary sevens, such as the seven lotus centers (chakras), the days of the week, the seven notes in the western diatonic music scale, & the important heavenly bodies/western deities. With that in mind, I started climbing the chakras combining the associations with the help of Joseph Campbell's explanations of the lotus centers. So then, why is the post exciting?

In the west, Zeus, Jupiter, and Thor are most definitely Male powers. This lotus center being at the throat originally illustrated to me the patriarchy's vocal power for verbally stating the law. However, when viewed from the Indian, as J.C. related--this center is balance. The representative deity is Ardhanari, "Half-Woman Lord". Amazing! So in this post we find all the recent sync whole themes coming home to roost. Here is the purple. Here are the two faces of Janus. Here is the tiger, the trident, the thunder bolt. Here is Avatar as the new religion, which is plant consciousness. Here is the west relearning how to live. Here is a feminine counterpart to the western patriarchy. Here is the moon and Jupiter together. Here is a union of the dualities. Here is the way. . .

And this is also the threshold of adventure. Indeed. Here you go between the guardians, and through the moon. This is the jumping off place, The cantina on Tatooine, "the gateway of the Great Liberation." Sorry I ever doubted your faith in Jupiter, Jim and Jake. This is so exciting. This is wholeness. . .


  1. Beautiful ISH! Really.. Beautiful.

    Your excitement (joy) shines through in every word!


  2. Beautiful Doug. No need to be sorry. You where destined to be a help in rounding out my view on Jupiter.


    I am glad you see the wholeness of Jupiter now.

  3. nice shop work Doug ... keep the Campbell quotes coming

  4. Thanks for stopping by, and for the kind words.

  5. Giving syncro's a voice.The synch sphere has certainly a Jupiter focus of late. Nice pics and minds eye. Dennis

  6. Absolutely beutiful Doug! I thought i comented on this when i read it a few days ago but it didnt appear, perfectly perfect tapping into the Dual self flow, just as your last post about the inner shadow and the outer radiant self, the Alchemical Marriage inside our bodily alchemical vessels, and tha Antahkarana between earthly and heavenly consciousness. Thanks for this brotha, it all comes clearer through each Ray of our Rainbow here, be very well! and keep flowin! :)

  7. Didn't see you sneak on Kev.



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