Saturday, August 1, 2009

Red pill or Blue pill?

yes please.

I have a laundry list of things that I've been wanting to get to. Alas, Hercules/Hamlet may have to wait until fall. One thing that I've wanted to do for a while is to rename and rearrange the days of the week. I may get to that and I'm prompted by The Blob's mention of chakra 3 in connection with his yellow flower theme. The idea of the chakras are central to this that I'm going to whittle at a bit before bed. I may get nowhere. I don't usually have any luck with this and it wants to be done well.

So where to begin?

Red Pill Blue Pill. Blob mentions this today at the Synch Whole or somewhere. I saw a photo of Arnie being tempted w/ the red pill as Neo was.

I've written about these matters but not in one concise piece.
Firstly, here we have our initial temptation. Eve took the red pill. Let's read it as straight metaphor. It doesn't need to be a mushroom it can be any temptation/initiation.

Secondly. There are two trees. Two pills as it were. Duality. So what has been written?
-I first want to point out something I came to tonight delivering Chinese food to the good people. I've been trying to pin down The Story for some time. The sun yeah, but the two facets of our one story are sex and death. All the great myths and good movies and blah blah blah usually have these things together. So the Stygian Port has written 1000s of words about these two facets contained in the Vampire genre. If we boil down the duality we come to something that I've been pondering. The joy of destruction. [I'm gonna steal a photo from the Stygian Port]

So I'm watching the new Harry Potter and Helena Bonham Carter dances down the long table in the great hall and destroys all the glass and windows and anything that can break. This is like one of my favorite places in all of creation and there she goes destroying it and I can't help but smile. Now tell me why that is?

I also just recently read Gram Greene's "The Destructors" which is featured in Donnie Darko as a major plot point. The destructor "leader" wanted to destroy a house precisely because it was beautiful. Recall this same idea with the beautiful blonde man in Fight Club, to horror.
"Beauty is truth, truth beauty," -that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know

So what I came to was this. The truth of the duality. The truth about the Stygian Port's post which I haven't read, and will try to. The truth about the two pills. Red or Blue? Naturally they cancel each other out. They complete one another and the equation:
+1 + -1 = 0 (which is nothing and everything).
--tonight I told my boss, when faced with a black and white question, I always choose gray.

I noted in a post that the journey of life has two portions on its path:
Active. Passive.

Red. Blue.

A man has a ^.
A weapon. A sword. A gun.

A woman has a v.
A chalice. A bowl. A cup.

A man stabs.
A woman holds.

A man penetrates.
A woman is penetrated.

Men Destroy.

Women Create.

So there it is. That is why it is boys in "The Destructors". The opposite is ridiculous to even contemplate. A gang of girls destroying? They are creators.

Men do build though. And what they build are Towers. Penises. They build domes and have the penis fuck the dome across the city yeah, but this isn't creation. and this stuff eventually needs to come down (so one can be lead into the second portion of one's life, the passive phase.)

What I'm getting at though is a natural inclination to fuck shit up. It is in my son. He makes guns out of toast. I don't think it is entirely our culture. It is the red pill! I'm reading Parzivalright now, and it's all knights and swords and thrusting and flowers and I'm like yeah, this is sex and death. Active. Masculine. Chakra #3.

This might fall apart here.

There is so much more onward, but it isn't collected enough to continue.

So what has been written about red and blue?

There isn't anything comprehensive

and then there is this on Archetypes that will likely be important:

Back into it?

The 7 chakras, the lotus ladder is Jacob's ladder. It is the goal. It is the micro/macro Heaven as it were, the striving to the top.
--it is this striving that needs to be considered though.
(I don't want to. It is Peter Pan V. Pinnocchio. Close Encounters/Faust/Atlered States V. Hook) What is the price of the search or the climb? Did I find this answer already?)

Note that up the body through the chakras there are two "main" channels. Ida and Pingala. Two paths through the same journey. Red and Blue. Day and Night. Yang and Yin.

We do take another seven-step journey though. The steps are the traditional days of the week, named for a Norse cosmology corresponding to our "heavenly" bodies.

When I made this connection between the lotus ladder and the days of the week, I realized that our days are slightly off. The archetypes are just slightly wrong, but it so difficult to tweak.

Best I've come up with is this for the Journey:

0. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. ∞.

0 = nothing and ∞ is everything, but they are also the same(?). Life is a loop from wholeness to division.

This journey from nothing to something that all the myths are based upon can be found here. It's the story.

So did you look at this?
-I'll look for my notes.

How about you have my notes, from June.

-i lost it in the details June 14 2009:

There are many things that I've been contemplating and connecting lately. The theme right now is sacrifice, both literal and metaphoric. The more I look into these "matters'' the more I'm aware that everything is literally connected.

So, sacrifice is "the" theme for all nows.

"H" is perhaps what we can build this meditation around though. The two/three heroes that I'm contemplating are Hercules and Perseus/Parzival (I think they are the same.) Hercules [Hamlet joined too] may be the same as well. I guess we will see.

Within this, we need to think about the important numbers. 7 & 12. They should surface again and again. For quite some time I've been trying to reorganize the week. Why is 7 a key number? Why are there 7 days? Are there really days? We definitely have seasons. Maybe four days? Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Youth, Adolescence, Age, Death.

So in trying to organize the week, we return to "7". Where is there another important 7? Chakras/planets (naked eye + sun and moon). All these have to be connected yes?

12 hours, 12 months, 12 zodiac, 12 apostles, 12 labors of Hercules. . . etc.

Let's just nail this down for now, and later I'll blow it up with pictures and larger, better elaborations.

The days of the week are named and identified w/ the visible planets who have an archetypal connection to the gods and goddess who resonated w/ those naked-eye planets. Of course the days are named in the Norse/Germanic system to make matters more confusing.

1. Monday 2. Tuesday 3. Wednesday 4. Thursday 5. Friday 6. Saturday 7. Sunday

Seven feels right. There are Seven Chakras and those connect to the archetypal figures as well:

1. Mercury 2. Venus 3. Mars 4. Earth 5. Jupiter 6. Saturn 7. Uranus

So the chakras correspond in this way:

7. Thousand petal lotus

6. Third Eye

5. throat

4. heart

3. gut - will to power

2. genitals - lust/desire

1. bowel - holding on to facts of life

I need to define the chakras and this will happen in the "blow-up" as I mentioned. You don't need to know what I'm talking about. I don't either.

The correspondence is important.
-Mercury is the trickster, the dragon at the bowel introducing the facts of life.
-Venus is the devil/lovers at the genitals introducing lust and life
-Mars is aggression diving his chariot from the gut to battle to attain.
-Earth is the heart opening to now.
-Jupiter is the king, his word is law.
-Saturn is the hermit and Jupiter's Father who will usher in the new golden age (we need to return to the idea of "golden")-I'm going to do a post soon called "True Gold". Think Bees
-Uranus is Saturn's father & his name says You Are an Us.

So like I said, Germanic archetypes:
Monday = moon day
Tuesday (Tyr) = mars day
Wednesday (Odin) = mercury day (I don't agree here)-both pyschopomps
Thursday (Thor) = jupiter
Friday (Freya) = venus
Saturday (Chronos whoops that's not germanic?) = saturn

So to put them in my order, first we have to acknowledge that Saturn (Chronos) and Odin are the same guy.
Mercury is the trickster and so is Loki. Wednesday should actually belong to Loki due to its association with Mercury:
Thus to correspond w/ the chakras,

1. Lokisday
2. Friday
3. Tuesday
5. Thursday
6. Wednesday
7. Saturday
-[July note: my newest bit is that the threshold that Saturn guards that one must go beyond is the moon. Should it get a day? The moon corresponds to the mind. One must get beyond ones' mind which for all intents and purposes is between the 6th and 7th chakras. But is the 7th infinity? And then we've got an extra day!!!! Or is the 7th the gateway to infinity? Wait!! Remember, Wednesday and Saturday are the same guy!, the same day so]:

0.fool [maybe sunday here too?]
7.Uranusday or Sunday-I can't decide which [or Ymirsday to stay Norse.]
-I've just decided!

0. Foolsday which is Sunday.
1. Lokisday
2. Friday
3. Tuesday
4. Heartday
5. Thursday
6. Saturday
7. Uranusday
∞. Holy Foolsday which is Sunday.
-I looked at it initially here. Actually Jaspal came up with it, I just made the Chakra assosication.-This below still holds.
I'm bogging down into nonsense. sorry. This is why I haven't attempted this. The 8th day is infinity. It is the sun's day. The savior. The moon is the threshold through witch the hero/the sun returns. Saturn/Chronos is the threshold guardian. So perhaps. . . no it is all just crazy.


7 is an important number as is 12.
more games Aug 6:
(Arraged correctly like a ladder.)

∞. Holy Fools Day or Sunday
7. Ymirsday Ymir Oranos Uranus
6. Wednesday Odin Saturn Cronus
5. Thursday Thor Jupiter Zeus
4. Heartday Frigg Earth Gaea
3. Tuesday Tyr Mars Aries
2. Friday Freya Venus Aphrodite
1. Lokisday Loki Mercury Hermes
0. Foolsday which is Sunday.

Aug. 3 addendum:

I've been having psychic drama and I feel like a should get personal a bit. I'm a bit of an older synchead. Actually I'm quite a late bloomer. This thing is, as I noted here, my journey has moved into the "blue" phase. I know this. The universe communicates this to me over and over. I have my role, yet fight with it. I have an audience and they are greedy for what I have to say, only I ignore them.

I'm not the hero. I don't get to solve the mystery of life. One of you may. I finished reading this last night, and was ready to completely give up my sync hobby [and this is what it has to be].

See what I want from you guys, the interesting community of synchromystics, is the attention my two kids want from me. They want an authentic moment with me, but I'm too busy trying to get all of your attention. Look at me, look! We are having the same journey. We are awesome together!

But who am I and why am I so familiar with some of you? I've been around for a year in various guises, but the thing I realized is that I'm not part of the "community" because I haven't really participated in the "community". I became really sad when I realized how much interaction really occurs. I don't have enough time to follow my syncs let alone all of your interesting posts. What I'm saying is that I really don't give the comments their due. That is where the community is formed, and you guys have had this back and forth now probably pushing onwards toward two years. It is an interesting community, but I really feel "outside" of it.

Maybe that is my role. The essay that I've slowly been writing about all of you is called "Watching The Watchmen". The problem is that I'm more interested in watching me than you.

So I'm going to try and be different for a while. I'm not selling anything. I don't want you to read me. This isn't my practice, but it is a fun little hobby that I have. I don't have much time for it, and so it would be better for me to see what "the pros" are up to instead of beating myself up for the attention that I'm stealing from my kids. Plus I'm watching too many damn movies doing this.

I hope this explains a little my craziness. I want people to see how interesting and wonderful I am, but that red, active phase has passed me by. If I'd like to become a pirate and foster a Darth/Luke type bond with my children I can selfishly continue to purse the "red" path. I can become the tyrant.

I don't want that though. I will acquiesce as my role requires. As my practice requires. The father's job is sacrifice! I've talked on and on about this here and other places. It is the Father's duty to die so that life can continue.


  1. -a note on the syncs:

    The new harry potter film is a film deeply about sex and death.
    The sacrifices is there. It is equal parts destruction and creation.

    I'm still in awe that peter pan is dead. The man who was the first to moon walk died right before the anniversary of the moon walk.

    Lost boys are a theme right now.

    Jupiter has been angry lately. Lots of lightening. He did just get smashed though.

    The sun has returned.

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