Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Et tu Mudede?

So one of the things that I've tried to share is Lawrence Weschler. He calls what he does Convergence and his primary lens through which he makes his connections is mostly Art, but with a heavy does of Art History, and political struggle/history. His book is worth your time.

I mention him because he has a contest at the McSweeney's website where people make convergences using his own personal technique.

The convergence for today is the transformation of a Convergence contest winner into a synchromystic. Charles Mudede, staff writer for Seattle's The Stranger made this connection in the SLOG last year: "Rock Bottom". And here is where L.W. put his convergence stamp upon it.

Well, today Mr. Mudede invoked semiotics, Egypt, Obama, and Indiana Jones on the SLOG! Sounds an awful lot like synchromysticism to me. Today's entry is part of a new blog series he began that he is calling Mythology Today.

And? And he is an intellectual and reads as such. He is more wordy than me! His connections are reality based, although the lens of film does arise. The ideas aren't new to us, but he is fairly mainstream, so it is interesting. I'm curious for more.

I guess this tells me that I need to get cracking on my essay. Oh, and the reference to a french treatise on semiotics is cool too!

I answer the above photo that Charles Mudede commented upon with the following and likely a link to another can of worms:

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