Saturday, August 1, 2009


-Literally these are my notes from the past two weeks. It is a theme in progress that is favoring Stephen Spielberg's intersection w/ Walt Disney by way of J.M Barrie.[do try and read the mess below though]

Peter Pan Vs. Pinocchio:

finding neverland Johnny Dep
peter pan
growing up
Carie Fish-er
under the rainbow
Barrie-Walt-steve [play mountain]-?-me?
julia roberts-hooker
natalie portman---------garden state, slightly retarded
who are you? the little girl, Evey--
the father sacrifice, or just the helpful sacrifice
obi wan
Mr. Magorium
no role model for peter. (wendy?)
hook became the tyrant-no sacrifice there. hand,!!!!
jude law--robot AI
number 2's (poo --blackening?)
freydo:Gahmuret, donnie darko, speed racer, Michael Bluth
my brother is my father is my son.
my son is my father is my brother
my father is my brother is my son.
false king is my father? [hamlet]-I'm the false king, blank is the false king, my mother, the Queen, Mary
captain hook is pirate because he would not grow uP?
Mel Gibson dying for our sins.
eclipse movies-2001, black hole, . . .
eyes wide shut --Wag the Dog
Dead Man
close encounters vs. ET
Altered States

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Heal The King!