Saturday, December 5, 2009

hungry heart

Should I give this post another crack after it's early fame(?) at the sync whole?

I'm a mess. I'm feeling like I'm becoming Faust. I keep going down and down this damn rabbit hole, but I know what's down there. IT IS A MIRROR. I can't even read the conspiracy shit anymore. There is no evil outside power. It is just too silly. Yes there is power, but most of the nasty shit is not conscious. Natural systems flow. They move away from obstruction and yield complex structure. There is very little design actually in this world of ours.


What is truth,

and then. . .

how should one live?

--our problems?

J.C. said that we lack a complete mythology and favored one tribe--humanity.

D.Q. said civilization is our problem. (good luck there!)

E.T. thinks the next evolutionary step is buddha for all (?)
--to all be totally now. Must we become animals again and abandon our civilization, a civilization that requires thinking ahead and looking back, the enemies of the now?

A.C. --I probably don't know enough, but my understanding is that he professed that we are all gods and therefore can do what ever we want. Dan Brown agreed in his Mason lovefest, and Jay-Z postured like he was a 5%er with inside secret knowledge of the working of the universe.

M.P. thinks we can fix it all by fixing food. This means cultivating local communities and solutions.

E.O. also believes in local solutions made by local groups.

B.M. wants to limit CO2 in the atmosphere to 350 parts per million because he believes burning fossil fuels is our problem.

G.M. thinks that we really don't need stuff to display our value (cuz it already there!)

Does your path or belief system have and ending or goal? Could that be a problem? Or does that order one's life and gives it its meaning?

--my suspicion is that if anything isn't real, it's our virtual lives. What am I doing broadcasting all my synchronicity? This is the devil, right? It is selfish of me to [w]hole-up as much as I do. I don't want to be a shaman. I'm creating a record of my mind, but to what end? I don't believe in the ascension. I can't do that. My messiah is Charlie Brown. We are not special.

So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen.

But I must say that I'm getting very strong Jupiter sync lately. And as I'm a localist [now], I guess I would tell you that I read my sync microcosmically. Jake and Jim are telling me to be the father.
The sync whole is selfishness. My unconscious is continually spiting messages out to me, about ME!

People are the treasure. I have a home. I have people. I don't need to become a supertramp to learn the value of life. It feels like I'm saying goodbye?


  1. Do not quit the sych-sphere, play with your children and educate their perception of reality. Let them join us. Have them draw pictures of their dreams and write stories of their imagination. Be there guide within the illusion.

  2. This simple little solution is exactly right, James. Not A or B, but A and B. Thanks so much.
    --my daughter's drawings are crazy. That would be a blog in itself.
    Maybe it should!



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